Ndërkohë që protestuesit kanë mbushur rrugët jashtë shtëpisë së tij, Donald Trump është detyruar të organizojë administratën e tij në papafingon 100 milionë dollarëshe të kullës së tij në Nju Jork.

Prona e presidentit të sapozgjedhur mund të gjendet në rrugën Fifth Avenue, dhe është shtëpi e biznesit të republikanit.

Prona tre katëshe ka pamje të mrekullueshme nga Parku Qëndror, me derën me ar dhe diamand ku përshëndet vizitorët e tij.

Lap of luxury: Donald and Melania Trump's New York City penthouse is on the 66th floor of Trump Tower and features marble walls, floors and columns throughout. 24-carat gold accents like platters, lamps, vases and crown moulding that outlines each room and tableau ceilingArt of the deal-maker: Classical art dominates here with a bronze statue of Eros and Psyche, one of the great love Greek love stories, and Apollo led by Aurora - the Greek goddess of the dawn, suggesting Trump sees himself in the mold of Apollo, Zeus's son, and one of the most powerful of the gods. But there is also family time with on the far right a portrait which appears to show his father Fred Trump, and possibly his siblings. His father also features on the central table, while the choice of book is expensive - it is worth $15,000Perfect symmetry: Candelabras, two candy bowls as well as a Vogue and Vanity Fair book are placed strategically on each  coffee table. On the ceiling is another classical reference. The chairs are Louis XIV-inspired, in common with the apartmenMelania's office: A Louis Vuitton case of jewelry sits on couch as a reproduction of Renoir's 'La loge' painting is hung from the wall above. The original is in the Courtald gallery in London. La loge means the theater box and some art historians argue that the woman represents a mistress rather than a wife being taken to the theater. Renior painted it aged 33, when he was in dire poverty, and it was exhibited in 1874 at the first Impressionist Exhibition in Paris. A rather more modern feature on her desk is colored pencils - possibly with her son in mindGrand jewels: Melania designs and sells a collection of watches, rings, bracelets and earrings for QVC that range in price from $10 to $162. They all feature her signature 'M'. Here they are shown in her Louis Vuitton jewelry case that has a price tag of nearly $10,000. Her style mimics pieces that she herself owns such as the sun design flower earrings and a gold-linked watch. She often uses mother of pearl and pave-style crystal accents in her watchesVanity: Louis XIV's Hall of Mirrors in Versailles was painted with depictions of various military victories he commanded60 MINUTES Correspondent Lesley Stahl interviews President-elect Donald J. Trump and his family shown here from left: Tiffany Trump, Donald Trump, Jr., Donald Trump, Eric Trump, Melania Trump, Ivanka Trump at his Manhattan home Friday afternoon, November 11, 2016